About collection

Unique NFT collection is minted on Solana's fast blockchain.


We are interested in ensuring that every Investor can keep their NFTs and make a profit. During the development of the project, it will be done that the owners of our unique NFTs will receive not just a digital non-fungible token, but an advantage:

  • Reducing trading fees
  • Increased staking percentage
  • Participation in voting on the project
  • Early access
  • IDO bonus


Explore our unique collection in 4K resolution just click on the image.

OneHero NFT Collection

Funy and daring superhero team arrived in the solana world.

  • Limited Edition 100
  • Unique heroes 4
  • There are 100 variants of each heroes
  • Each NFT is unique

Mint NFT Collection

Two of four OneHero collections available now.


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